TVS TRU Spray – The chain Lubricant

To over come the old practices of chain lubrication like greasing, Oil spray, dipping in hot melted grease, TVS MOTOR COMPANY has developed a unique Chain Lubricant The TVS TRU Spray

TVS TRU Spray is designed to give Ultra smooth biking and enhance the chain life as compared to conventional method. Grease and Oil are not water resistant. They got thrown off during running of chain. Although the chain looks well lubricated from outside ,rollers and pins on the chain are actually without adequate lubrication. This leads to wear of the rolling element, elongation of chain and increasing noise.

Methods of application

For Low Dirt:

The advantage of TRUSPRAY is need not be removed from the vehicle .After removing the upper chain cover.

  • Thoroughly clean the chain while its on he vehicle with cloth wet with Kerosene.
  • Allow 3 Minutes for chain surface to dry and wipe the surface with dry cloth
  • Shake TRU SPRAY container well before use.
  • Attach the extension tube to the spray container for pin point application.
  • Hold container upright and spray form the distance of 4-6 inches.
  • Rotate the wheel slowly to move the chain while spraying.
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