Engine Oil plays a vital role in the performance of the engine. In our endeavor to offer the best quality Oil to our customers, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a fully-Synthetic engine oil with 10W-30 API SL grade with JASO MA2 certification. The product is known as TVS TRU4 PREMIUM

TRU4 Premium is blended with highly purified water white, high viscosity index base oil. TRU4 Premium oil lubricates engine parts under extreme high or low temperature conditions. Special additive chemistry gives higher gear durability, improved engine cleanliness with smoother clutch operation.TRU4 Meets or exceeds the specifications of “API SL” and “JASO MA2”
Tested under rigorous conditions TVS TRU4 Synthetic has emerged as a winner providing exceptional oil life thus reducing the frequency of oil change.

Benefits of TRU 4 PREMIUM OIL
Smoother Clutch Operation
Smoother Gear Shifts
Increased Engine Life
Increases Fuel Efficiency on prolonged Usage
Lower Emission
TRU4 Premium Oil offered in different grades
Grade Retail Pack
10W30 1000 ml
10W30 900 ml

Service Recommendations :
For every service Engine Oil replacement to be done thru TRU4 PREMIUM OIL for ULTRA SMOOTH BIKING .

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